Writing is Hard and Why You Should Do it Anyway

Writing is Hard and Why You Should Do it Anyway

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Let’s face it – writing is hard. I think even the most accomplished authors would agree. But it’s a worthwhile exercise for those of us that have something to share with the world.

Over the past several months, I’ve had a nagging feeling that many amazing, beautiful people pass away before they’ve had a chance to pass on their most important life lessons. How many of us had a relative pass away before they had an opportunity to learn something from their life experiences? For some, this may not seem like a big deal, but for more inquisitive minds like myself, it’s a painful reality. When we walk out the front door in the morning, there are no guarantees that we’re coming back – what information will you leave behind? If you’re not writing for yourself, write for your kids, parents, next of kin, etc… When it’s written down, it’s documented and available to all. No one can assume anymore; it’s written. Write your autobiography.

Write Every Day; It’s Good for the Soul

Establishing a daily writing habit feels like therapy. It’s an exercise for the mind; not for the art of wordsmithing, but as an exploration of your mind. Each day we’re faced with challenges, and we get so busy dealing with our problems that we rarely take time to explore our thoughts and see what’s there. We work out our bodies; we should work out our minds too.

Writing something that will impact someone in a positive way is a blessing. Can you imagine?

It’s humbling to think someone out there read an article that you wrote and it’s making an impact in their lives.  Words are powerful. Books represent the thoughts of the most brilliant minds the world has ever known. These brilliant minds took the time to sit down and write their ideas out so that the world could benefit and share it. We’re all better off because they did so.

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Discovering your writing voice is like soul-searching. When I started writing, the first thing that I noticed right away was how difficult it was to formulate ideas enough for an outsider to read, comprehend and enjoy. It always seems like I have a lot to say, but sitting down and attempting to organize those ideas into cohesive articles was and still is very difficult. It’s a workout. My research on this topic keeps me motivated as most writers have struggled their craft more times than not.

Writing each day clears the mind. Again, I believe writing is a mental exercise that compares to little else. Sitting down with some ambient background music, some candles, and just writing what’s on your mind is like yoga for the brain. I’ve been trying to write 500 words a day. In 2018, I WILL be writing 500 words a day each morning. I started making my bed each day. This ritual leads me to want to be very clean, neat and focused. Writing in the morning will clear my mind for the day ahead and keep me going.

Start writing and share your message. It won’t be easy at first, but just keep going.

Write every day. Write garbage. Just write and see what happens.

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