Be a Winner. Create Smaller Goals.

Be a Winner. Create Smaller Goals.

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The journey towards your success — whatever that means for you — starts with one step forward. One foot in front of the other is all it takes for you to start. For you to make a significant change that lasts, you need to take your time and enjoy the process. What’s the rush?

Think about it. If you had this revelation years ago, you would be much further along than you are now — so slow it down and create smaller, practical goals for yourself. Instead of saying, “I’m going to run a marathon in 90 days”, say, “I’m going to run 1 mile this week”. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the process of transformation while you experience real change.

Over the years, I’ve struggled to keep regular routines in my life. Daily exercise, morning rituals, you name it. In each instance, what I’ve discovered, is that by converting the scope of my goals into much smaller milestones, it immediately puts me on the path to real change. If you don’t acknowledge the small wins along the way and appreciate the journey, you’re more likely to quit before seeing results. You need to feel like a winner, so set yourself up to win! Make the goals smaller, feel good, stay focused on incremental progress, and you’ll give yourself a better chance to stick with it.

Case in point — over the years, I’ve struggled with a Coca-Cola addiction. During exhausting work days where I need an energy boost, I’d find myself kicking back a few cans before the end of the day. Once I committed to kicking the habit, I reduced my intake to one per day. It prevented me from putting myself through unnecessary anguish quitting cold-turkey, while still making significant strides towards my goal. It’s incredible what one insignificant action can do for your breakthrough. It’s gathering the momentum that’s the real problem after all. With the wind at your back, forward progress is much easier.

It’s easy to see how someone could get discouraged after a brief attempt then failure. Each day the allure of ultra success surrounds us. Everything seems so easy for others, but the reality is that it’s all a fantasy. We all struggle and we all have war stories to share. Don’t compare yourself with others. Put one foot in front of the other and make progress because happiness comes from growth, not necessarily the final result. It’s the journey that makes life so fulfilling. It’s the process of continual learning, making mistakes, and experiencing your evolution that motivates us. If we center our goals around long-term, significant change, then take the time during the early part of the process to establish the proper routine.

It requires years of practice and commitment to transform your life. It’s time to reset the timelines. It only takes a few days to a week to get the momentum started, roughly 30 days to establish a habit, but you will need the rest of your life to grow and evolve continually.

If you start any new attempt at radical change with this new perspective, I guarantee that you will be happier with the outcome. Set yourself up for success by prepping mentally and physically and you create a much better opportunity for you to be successful.

Remember that it’s about the small wins that bring happiness.

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