This One Thing Has Changed My Entire Daily Routine

This One Thing Has Changed My Entire Daily Routine

I’m sure you’ve heard this before — the list of all the things that you should do in the morning before heading off to start your day. It’s usually a list of five things: meditate, exercise, journal, express gratitude, make your bed, <record screech> MAKE YOUR BED?

Yes… Bed makers, can I get an amen?

Make your damn bed in the morning!

I thought this was B.S., honestly. But I’ve read this on several occasions so one morning I decided to give it a shot. Mind. Blown. It wasn’t an instant transformation, but over the next several days a pattern emerged. When I walked out of the bedroom to head downstairs, I turned and looked at a different room. A bedroom cleaned and prepped for me later on that day.

There’s something beautiful about a made bed in a room — it makes everything look clean and neat. I’m not sure why, but it just does. Generally, like most of us, I’ll just throw the blankets back over the bed and move on, but seeing the bed all nice and tidy made me want to clean everything up. I started putting other things away. I cleaned the floors; I dusted, I addressed out of place items that have been driving me crazy for months. Before I knew it, I had a clean, organized bedroom that inspired me to be creative. It was a fantastic transformation. Here’s the best part — when I come at the end of a long day, I can walk into a clean room and sit. Light some candles, turn on some classical music and let the creativity flow. If you’re a creative individual, trying to make a masterpiece in an unorganized, or chaotic environment is not helping us, and our work will suffer.

Try it. Just once. I promise you it will make a difference.

So I started making my bed. That led to cleaning and getting organized. That led to me establishing patterns of work. It has given me an environment in which I can be the most creative. It has set me up for success throughout my day. All this has led me to want to get more organized and clean everywhere else I spend significant amounts of time during the day. I started organizing and cleaning my office at home and work.

It’s honestly been a complete transformation for me, and it’s had a significant impact on my work.

Here’s What I’ve Learned:

Sometimes the most insignificant things can lead to life-changing patterns and routines. Making my bed in the morning has inspired me to pursue a more organized lifestyle. Just having a taste of what this feels like has made it impossible to go back. It has created an addiction to cleanliness and organization that I haven’t experienced since childhood — yes, there was a period in youth when I was a clean freak. Being neat and tidy has led to being more creative. More importantly, it has made the more challenging aspects of my day much more manageable.

Break the Pattern

Sometimes in life you need to break out of patterns that may have developed over years of unintentional neglect. Case in point — my unorganized lifestyle. All it took was making the bed in the morning a few days in a row to help me snap out of it. It has inspired me to pursue a new way of living which has been refreshing beyond words. Look for opportunities to mix things up and try new things. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

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